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A global leader in
total dental solution

Osstem Implant was founded in 1997 by a dentist in South Korea.
We quickly grew into No.1 dental solution partner in the Asia-pacific market.
TS implant, one of our flagships, contributed to being the best-selling implant in the world since 2017.

Today, as one of global leaders, we bring high-quality products and integrated dental solutions to Europe and spread our value to contribute to better human health by enabling dentists to provide better treatment.

Why Osstem?


Predominantly more range of products compared to other market players. Dentists can find all-inclusive product and service for treatment


Has a rigid quality control system that aims to achieve a defect rate of 0.0001% or less


Exceptionally large-scale of investment & effort in R&D centre (investing 11% of annual sales) and global network



Founded Osstem (D&D System)


Established AIC Training Centre


Established Implant Research Centre


Established 12 oversea subsidiaries


Started Hiossen Implant (USA) and its productions


Launched CAS Kit


Launched OssBuilder (Titanium Mesh Membrane)


Launched K3 Dental Unit Chair


Launched Osstem OneGuide system


Established subsidiaries in Chile and New Zealand


Launched "Master Course" (standardised training course)


Held Osstem Meeting in Europe

Global Network

Osstem Implant's competitiveness lies in global human resources and network

More than
80 countries

We are offering our products and services in more than 80 countries around the world across 5 continents. You will find our standardised, but strategically localised system, wherever you are.

Customer Opinions

Dr. Nicolas Widmer

"I like the design of TS III fixture. Company is consistently investing a lot in research and development. So there are many innovative and unique products."

Dr. Erta Xhanari

"As a doctor and researcher, I can say what makes Osstem different is a good drilling sequence and stability, osseointegration and zero marginal bone loss."

Dr. Marco Tallarico

"Osstem is not only successful in implants and kits. It has the largest scientific community in the world, Osstem AIC Europe."

Dr. Łukasz Zadrożny

"In the Polish centre of Osstem AIC, we have being provided a course for dentists and implantologists over 10 years."