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Strong Structure

Enhanced strength from increased wall thickness, 15° morse taper, and deeper connection.


Simple Treatment

Single platform system enables convenient surgery, prosthesis, and stock management.


Easy Surgery

Surgery and prosthesis loading are quick and easy. The abutment holding system prevents misconnection.

KS III Implant

  • 1.5° Taper body design
  • Specialized for early loading and remarkable stability
  • Single Platform System for easy prosthesis loading
BA Surface
  • Bioabsorbable apatite nano-coating(HA) combined with clinically-proven Sand-blasted and Acid-etched surface(SA)
Placement Torque
  • ≤ 40 Ncm

2.1 HEX
Ø3.5, Ø4.0, Ø4.5, Ø5.0, Ø6.0, Ø7.0

Single Platform System for All Diameters

KS implants have a uniform platform size. Surgery and prosthesis loading are easier than ever before!

  • 2.1 HEX: Implants with Ø3.5 mm, Ø4.0 mm, Ø4.5 mm, Ø5.0 mm, Ø6.0 mm and Ø7.0 mm

KS Abutments are compatible with all diameters of KS implants.

» TS Abutments are not compatible with the KS System and vice versa!


Abutment Holding System

The new 3-slot Abutment Holding System made with ultra-precision technology always keeps the implant and the abutment in place.

  • Easy Prosthesis Loading: Precise interference fit enables prosthesis loading and tightening with one hand.
  • Misconnection Prevention:  Abutment Holding System prevents loosening and misconnection during flapless surgery.

» Abutment Holding System is available for KS Transfer, Angled, Freeform, Link, ScanBody.

Ø3,5 Ø4,0 Ø4,5
Ø5,0 Ø5,5 Ø6,0 Ø7,0

Color Coding by Implant Diameter

  • Our KS implants are provided in different diameters and lengths in order to cover multiple indications
  • The outer package and labels provide valuable information about the enclosed product before opening: Sterilization expiry date, implant length & diameter, article & LOT number
» Color coding is indicated on the product package

BA Surface


BA: Superhydrophilic Bioabsorbable Apatite nano-coating(HA) on clinically-proven Sand-blasted and Acid-etched surface(SA)

  • Faster Bone Healing: The super hydrophilic BA surface helps ensuring optimal treatment outcomes with every implant placed in any type of bone.
  • Improved Osseointegration in Early Stage: Superhydrophilic surface maximizes blood-to-implant contact area, platelet adhesion, and enhances implant stability.
  • Excellent Response and Initial Stability: Apatite(HA) and Titanium(SA) surfaces work together to boost osseointegration, early healing, and bone remodeling.
  • Excellent Secondary Stability: Enhanced osseointegration ability shortens the treatment duration, while increasing bone-to-implant contact area by up to 30% compared to SA surface.


Previous coating


BA Coating

Ultra Thin Layer Nano-Coating

  • Bioresorbable Apatite nano-coating below 10nm


Coating layer is present


Coating layer is absorbed

Bioresorbable Apatite Nano-Coating

  • Apatite nano-coating is fully absorbed during bone remodeling process and secures a long-term secondary stability on SA surface.





Superhydrophilic Surface

  • Rapid blood wettability enhances early ossification with an increase in protein adhesion (Platelet adhesion is improved by up to 12% compared to SA surface)


BIC 59%


BIC 83%

Short Treatment Time

  • Treatment time is reduced thanks to enhanced osseointegration ability(bone-to-implant contact) by up to 30% compared to SA surface



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